Incredible Edible Handbridge CommuniTree

This week marked a special occasion for the Incredible Edible Handbridge community group as they planted their first CommuniTree.

The apple tree is located on the front green outside of Industry, Handbridge, the same location as the group’s initial and most established community growing space.

IEH hope that the tree will thrive there for many years to come, allowing residents to enjoy and share in the fruit.

‘Who are IEH?’

Incredible Edible Handbridge are a growing group who aim to establish community growing in the area.

The group work to initiate growing spaces in areas across Handbridge which deliver and serve for members of the local community.

Such an initiative aims to promote a more local and resilient food network whilst encouraging community, providing outdoor education and increasing green spaces and biodiversity.

It has been great to hear and see so many people actively involving themselves with growing and caring for plants over this lock down period.

From those planting their first seeds, to those with lifetimes of experience, establishing connections with our natural world can bring about many benefits for our mental and physical well-being.

In other news, IEH has introduced a new Share Table situated at Industry. The table allows community members to share surplus produce, seedlings and seeds with others. A big thank you to Industry Handbridge who have continually supported the group’s efforts.

If you’d like to find out more please find us on Facebook.

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