Our Must-Read Books

If you have children you will know that it’s World Book Day every March 4th. This year Alison our Social Organiser hasn’t been able to arrange many socials and so she turned her focus to great reads.

She asked the team to share must read books with her and then took over the Friends of the Earth Twitter account for World Book Day. So here we have the groups must read book recommendations for those of you that might of missed it or don’t do twitter. 

Alison – here’s me & the one I’m reading at the moment. It’s about how immersion in nature is good for us mentally & physically. 

#WorldBookDay #nature @AlisonShearerK 

Here’s Peter’s long-time campaigner & previous group co-ordinator, with “The Transition Handbook, from oil dependency to local resilience” by Rob Hopkins. Vandana Shiva: “The uncertainty of our times is no reason to be certain about hopelessness.”

#WorldBookDay #change @PeterBenson2020

Here’s the book choice from our co-ordinator Helen “We have forgotten to use our imagination. The ability to simply ask What if?” Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement and the idea being out What If? Events. 

#WorldBookDay #transition #makechange #bethechange #ClimateAction @helentandy.

“To love a place is not enough, we must find ways to heal it.” We’re celebrating World Book Day by sharing our current favourites! “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer is the choice from Debbie @J_footprints 

#WorldBookDay #braidingsweetgrass #WorldBookDay2021 #Chester

“We can no longer afford the indulgence of feeling powerless.” Wise words on World Book Day. A tome about how to survive the climate crisis. Could come in v handy. Book choice by Martin  

 #WorldBookDay #WorldBookDay2021 #GreenRecovery #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #green @MickleMartin 

Here’s a book choice from our Kerry. “stop hammering on and on about the necessity of change & start focusing instead upon the desirability of change in terms of improved quality of life, greater security & more fulfilled ways of working & living.” 

#WorldBookDay #WorldBookDay 2021

‘Our Kerry’ = @KiriKiwi, one of the two leads on our nature campaigns.

“When you know that trees experience pain and have memories and that tree parents live together with their children, then you can no longer just chop them down and disrupt their lives…” The Hidden Life Of Trees – Peter Wohlleben, chosen by treasurer Hannah 

#WorldBookDay #trees 

We can only meet this challenge together, as part of a massive and organised global movement.” Thanks to Nala for this book choice on World Book Day. Our house IS on fire, we need a global team to put the fire out. 

#WorldBookDay #WorldBookDay2021 #ClimateAction #Green @aisfornala 

Martin Dorey’s latest book looks at what we recycle, what we bin, what we take to the tip, where it goes – & what it really does to our planet.

#WorldBookDay #rubbish @CampervanLiving 

Book choice from Simon “Into The Tangled Bank” by @LevParikian. “From creepy crawlies to the hills of Skye, discover the quirks, habits and foibles of how we as a nation experience nature.” Sounds great! 

#WorldBookDay #WorldBookDay2021 #NaturePhotography #green #books @simonjveardley 

Pete has another suggestion – sharing a bath. To prevent water waste! “I Count – Your Step By Step Guide To Climate Bliss”. A practical, whinge-free guide that tells you how to stop climate chaos.

“WorldBookDay #WorldBookDay2021 

Another book from Nala 

“We’ll stare down at the screens in our hands  

And smile at the photos. Didn’t we laugh.  

Strange voices will sing from street corners.  

Powerful men will mumble back into the backs  

Of the people they f**k. This is the end.” 

#WorldBookDay #poetry #grow 

For Alison’s final one she dressed as a ‘cat’

Homage to the book that spawned a genre of angry, important, environmental treatises. “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson.  

“No witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it themselves.” 

#WorldBookDay #Pesticides 

Finally a 2 for 1, here’s some book reviews by Alison and Nala

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