Wonderful Wildflowers

Although February is often one of our coldest and drizzliest months, if there is just enough warmth, we can still find some interesting and beautiful wildflowers popping their heads out of the ground for all to see. 

Early Spring Wildflower Spotter Guide

We’d love to create a #oneacremeadow across Chester and Cheshire West and you can help us achieve that whether you’ve got a whole field to plant or a pot on your doorstep. 

February is a great month to start planning your garden for the year ahead. Most plants and growth will have been weakened making it easier to see what space you have for wildflowers and easier to prepare the ground for your seed bed sowing in Spring.

Once your chosen area has been cleared, turn the soil and remove any remaining grasses, debris or other plants, break the soil up with a fork and leave it to settle so that any further weeds that germinate can be removed before sowing.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we do our bit to support wildflowers and the nature that depends on them.  In January 2021 the UK government granted an exemption on the ban to neonicotinoids (neonics) for sugar beet farmers. These impair a bees ability to navigate and reproduce, so with a third of bee populations already declining it’s not good news. 

f you’d like to find out more about our #oneacremeadow project go to our blog CLICK HERE or follow us on social media for updates on all our activities.

You can also register for a free activity pack on the national Friends of the Earth website: CLICK HERE


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