Green & Fair Recovery – what’s going on next week and how to get involved.

As we begin to re-build after the devastating effects of Coronavirus, we face a crossroads: do we go back to an economy that left us with widening gaps between rich and poor, huge health inequalities and hurtling towards climate and ecological breakdown?

Now is a crucial moment to ensure the correct spending is dedicated towards a green and fair recovery from the pandemic. While we know that it’s unlikely that we’ll get everything we ask for, this as an opportunity to show the strength of our network, build support for a green and fair recovery plan and attract more people to join our Climate Action group.

We’ve been organising a week of action from 5-11 October to engage communities in the campaign for a green and fair recovery from COVID-19.

Our plans for this week are having to adapt and evolve as the current situation around us changes. We will still by lobbying MPs during this week, as although the ‘budget’ has been cancelled for this year, the spending review is still going ahead.

While it’s not been formally announced yet, we are now expecting it to be a 1 year spending review, rather than 4. Where budgets set tax plans for the year, spending reviews look at what budgets departments get, and how they can spend them. So we still need to put as much pressure as possible on MPs for the spending review, and to drive home the message that whether it’s now, or later, the rebuild from coronavirus must be a green and fair one.

As part of our week of action, we were going been to make and erect a signpost in our community where passersby could leave their ideas. Given the escalating risk of coronavirus and the increased need for social distancing and local lockdowns this action will now be taking place online and on social media.

Follow us on Facebook – twitter and Instagram to view our campaign as it develops ?

We will have more news in the next few days as our plans start to finalise and we launch our social media outlets for Climate Action Chester & District.

Facebook page – Friends of the Earth Chester and District

Twitter – @chesterfoe

Instragram – chesteranddistrictfoe

By our fantastic Craftivist Judith

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