Help us to create plots #LeftForNature to build a #OneAcreMeadow

We have been campaigning to protect pollinators for years, but the region could still be doing more.

While we are still waiting to see the Wildflower & Biodiversity strategy from the Council we have decided to do something positive ourselves. So we came up with the idea of the One Acre Meadow.

This project needs your help.

We want to create an acre in Cheshire West made up of lots of small plots, gardens or areas that residents ask the council to stop mowing.

As part of the campaign the group are using painted signs with #LeftForNature to note areas residents do not want to be mown to allow the wildflowers to thrive.  

Meadows provide shelter and food for insects, hedgehogs, birds and bees who are important pollinators for our food chain. 

Not only that, British wildflowers are under threat too, but after the experience of lockdown many people are seeking green, natural spaces.  

So, by getting involved in creating a one acre meadow you’re actually doing something good for your own wellbeing, making our surroundings more attractive, giving nature a helping hand and saving British wildflowers at the same time.’

It doesn’t matter what size of space you have – it all makes a difference!  

To add you to the map we need your postcode, the size of your patch and if it’s already full of wildflowers a photo.

We have lots of supporters all ready and some of you have allocated us plots, let’s see how long it takes.

If you have an area of council land near you that you think should be left for nature – email us at

See one of our signs, please take a photo tag us @ChesterFoe and add #LeftForNature #OneAcreMeadow

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