Virtual Eco Fair

Thursday 4th June

Thursday 4th June 1.00pm
Thursday 4th June 2.00pm
Thursday 4th June 3.00pm
Thursday 4th June 4.00pm
Thursday 4th June 5.00pm
Thursday 4th June 6.00pm
Thursday 4th June 7.00pm
Thursday 4th June 7.30pm

Friday 5th June

Friday 5th June 11.00am
Friday 5th June 12.00pm
Friday 5th June 2.00pm
Friday 5th June – 3.00pm
Friday 5th June 4.00pm
Friday 5th June 5.00pm
Friday 5th June 6.00pm
Friday 5th June 7.00pm

Saturday 6th June

Saturday 6th June 9.00am
Saturday 6th June 10.15am
Saturday 6th June 11.00am
Saturday 6th June 12.00pm
Saturday 6th June 2.00pm
Saturday 6th June 3.00pm
Saturday 6th June 4.00pm
Saturday 6th June 5.00pm

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