Eco Tips for Lockdown Life

Hannah Swettenham – May 2020

At the moment it can feel more difficult than usual to be ‘Green’. 

All that headspace that used to be taken up remembering your reusable bags, going to different shops to buy plastic free products or researching sustainable brands is taken up with planning a socially distant shop, remembering to wash your hands all the time and disinfecting all your tins.

So it’s not surprising that many of us are finding that we’re not as ‘plastic free’ as usual. What’s worse is that this can often make us feel guilty and stressed, as if we didn’t already have enough to be worried about! 

It’s important to remember that we don’t have to be perfect to be climate activists. So while it’s maybe easy to feel like giving up, why not do what you can to help the planet in this time.

So here are a few quick and easy things we can do to keep helping the environment, without feeling like our heads are going to explode!

Follow Friends of the Earth Chester and District on Twitter and Facebook and share/like our posts. We’re still having regular events and meetings (online of course) so why not join in a quiz or a film night to help pass the time.

Don’t mow your lawn! It’s less work and it means that the wildlife in your garden will flourish. Why not take pictures of any new birds or insects you see?

Keep an eye out for wildlife on your walks – report your hedgehog sightings on Hedgehog Street, or even better, make a hole in your fence as part of the Hedgehog Highway so hedgehogs can travel more easily between gardens.

Try to cook one meat free meal a week – since meat seems to be in short supply at the moment now’s the perfect time to try out some new veggie recipes. These can often be cheap to make and have a low carbon footprint as well. See Meat Free Monday’s

Make a pledge to not buy any new clothes – now we’re all at home there’s less need for a new wardrobe item. Save some money and save a lot of water and resources by not buying that new pair of jeans! 

Support your local businesses – once this is all over we want to make sure we still have all our lovely sustainable businesses which have grown over the last few years. So if you do have some extra money to spend why not spend it with a local small business?

However much or little you’re able to do during this time, the important thing is that we keep the planet in mind over the next weeks and months until we can get back out to campaign together in person.

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