Friends of the Earth in 2019

Last night was our final meeting of the year followed by an informal AGM, but we never do anything normal in our group.

We’ve now won awards for our campaigning the last two years, but what will 2020 bring? With a growing group of volunteers and supporters and more and more activities going on than ever before we will never not need more members.

Our evening started with a celebration of all our volunteers throughout 2019, from awards for social media to best fund raiser. We have such a fantastic growing team and try to make everyone welcome.

Rather than give money to a restaurant or pub chain I decided I would make food. My food is usually based around what I have and my latest Riverford food box contained a huge squash and loads of carrots amongst other things, Vegan Thai Squash Curry it was.

I really should write down recipes as everyone said they liked it and seconds and thirds were gobbled up by many.

The tinned goods came from what was our food club but now they deliver direct. Then my dry ingredients came from Just Footprints of course.

I do quite like cooking but I have been pushed out a bit at home by my son, who now cooks mostly for hubby and himself, saving them from my veggie cooking. I think years of grating and hiding vegetables in every meal has come back to bite me…

So what about the more formal part? I get to stay on as Coordinator, which is great, I love organising things so it suits me to the ground.

I’m so so pleased Hannah has taken Treasurer duties off me, It doesn’t matter what organisation you go into, one constant seems to be that nobody ever wants to be treasurer.Hannah and I are in the minority with a love of numbers.

Sadly Pete has stepped down from his committee role after an amazing 11 year stint, thanks Pete for all your tireless work across various positions across the committee and thanks to Martin for kindly taking over, stepping into the fold straight away and taking the minutes last night, you’ve got big shoes to fill Martin.

So, new committee, two campaign groups – Nature and Climate Change will be the key projects over 2020. We’ll hold the big brain storming session in the new year as part of our January event (which we will advertise once we agree on a new home).

The team also had updates on our (countless) spin off projects, Eco Communities, Plastic Free Pioneers and 10xGreenerCH1.

Donate – 10xGreener

THEN LASTLY, let’s all do what we can this festive season, reduce food waste, reduce gift and wrapping waste, buy local and sustainable — for more see our brochure.

Merry Christmas and an Eco New Year

Thanks, Helen- Chester FoE Group Coordinator, Plastic Free Pioneer, Director Eco Eco Communities and Carbon Literacy Trainer…

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