Iceland is buzzing

Employees at Iceland head office had quite the shock when their day was interrupted by the buzz of one of our very own Chester Friends of the Earth bees.

Chester FoE Co-ordinator Helen made the trip to the Iceland Head Office in Deeside last week to represent Friends of the Earth Chester & District and to show support to the ‘Back Yard Nature’ campaign.

Backyard Nature is a campaign to help children (and parents) to make a major, concerted difference to the planet by helping to provide them with all the tools they need to help nurture their own personal patches of nature.

The campaign was set up after a group of young Liverpool based environmentalists (The Eco Emeralds) approached Iceland Managing Director Richard Walker to share their ideas about protecting nature where they live and to ask for his help.

After this encounter Richard would contact grassroots charity Semble and a variety of charitable partners who would team up with Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation to help make the ideas come to fruition

“There is a nature crisis in the UK. Plants and wildlife in our own backyards are under serious threat. At the same time, children are spending less time enjoying nature, meaning they are less likely to care about and protect it.

Our goal is to get all children to spend more time enjoying and protecting nature where they live.”

During the day at head office, Helen (with fantastic assistance from Iceland’s own James) handed out flyers and seed packets for employees to take home and plant in their own gardens.

Planting bee friendly plants and wildflowers is so important, without the bees Iceland wouldn’t have the ingredients to stock all of their stores. No bees means no tomatoes, no tomatoes means no tomato based products (pizzas, ketchup, tomato soup etc.).

Imagine British summer without strawberries and cream, no fruit in your Pimms, no salad at your barbecues.

Looks like Bees love strawberries

Who will save the bees and sign up to become a backyard gardener.

And where oh where will our roaming bees settle next….

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