PPC Election Pledge

On 1 December 2022 the people of the City of Chester will choose their new MP.

Soaring gas prices are hurting householders and businesses in Chester and leaving people struggling to pay their bills.

Years of government inaction has left too many of our homes damp, cold and expensive to heat. We’re faced with an energy crisis and it’s time for everyone to do their bit, including our new MP.

We’re calling on all the candidates standing to be City of Chester’s next MP to pledge to tackle the energy crisis.

The solutions to keep warm, cut energy bills and reduce emissions are out there. But we need to act now.

Will you ask candidates to take our energy crisis and warm homes pledge?

We’re asking all the candidates to support:

  • Urgent additional financial support to those who will still struggle to keep their home warm.
  • An emergency funding programme to insulate our homes.
  • The transformation of our failed energy system to work for people and planet, not profit.

Whoever wins the election needs to have heard from as many prospective constituents as possible.

Click here to ask the candidates to sign our pledge.

Come back here on November 29 2022 to see who has signed the pledge.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Energy Crisis and Warm Homes Pledge
Soaring gas prices are hurting householders and business in Chester. The Office for Budget Responsibility say that high prices will remain for at least the next five years.
If elected as MP for the City of Chester, I will urge the Government to:
• Fund a rapid programme of installing basic insulation measures across households – as recommended by the Climate Change Committee – coordinated street by street by councils, starting first in the energy crisis hotspots where the need is greatest.
In at least low-income areas this needs to be provided free of charge because of affordability challenges for residents. This initial 2–3-year programme must be followed up with a programme of deeper housing retrofits to ensure all homes are well insulated by 2030, including fitting millions of homes with heat pumps. As well as incentives and regulations this programme will require government investment averaging around £8 billion year.
• Transform our current gas dependent energy system into one based on renewable energy with electricity providing the heat for our homes as well as for our cars and other electrical needs.
Over time this will eliminate the need for gas. It will require a rapid expansion of onshore wind and solar power across all the UK’s countries as well as using the vast offshore renewable resources the UK is blessed with. This new system needs the regulated network operators to invest in significantly upgrading the UK’s electricity networks. Changes to the energy market will enable consumers to benefit from the low cost of renewable energy.
• Better financial support targeted at low-income households in fuel poverty
In addition to the new Energy Price Guarantee and financial support announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement there still needs to be greater financial support to those that will still struggle to pay their energy bills and keep their home warm.

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